23745GLSRGB1What is

Find hotels on that really are invested in delivering excellent service for LGBT travellers. Find out more below.

At we work with the world’s leading destinations and hotels who really are invested in making sure that LGBT visitors are well catered for, and receive the same great service and value as everyone else when they travel.
But what does that mean? Well – the destinations and hotels that we work with have all committed to training staff in the very real issues and concerns that can effect LGBT travellers when they go away. Why? Because they really do value your custom and business – and better training helps staff do their jobs better, and for you to get the great service you deserve – simple.

When staff members know LGBT customers are being invited through advertising, and are valued customers like everyone else, then everyone can be themselves – and you will know that the welcome you receive will be as warm and genuine as possible. We train staff on issues such as appropriate language to use, and avoiding myths and stereotypes so that customers can see who is really taking their business seriously.
Know before you go

At we think LGBT travellers should be able to choose accommodation and destinations that are invested in delivering great service to LGBT people, by delivering on the promise that their advertising makes to you. All this is available at where you can find listings for hotels, travel agents, destinations and more. We think you’ll find it a great site to help you plan your next adventure with real piece of mind..


23757GLSRGB1When you are trying to find the right accommodation to stay in when travelling for leisure, or business – LGBT travellers just want exactly the same as other guests. Great value, impeccable service, and a genuine warm friendly welcome from staff who respect them as an individual. Great service is all about going that extra mile to make sure that the customer’s needs and concerns are not only met, but exceeded – so why not choose an accommodation that has demonstrated an intention to deliver superior service for everyone, including LGB and T guests next time you travel?

OutNow.Travel is the only website that lists hotels that have actively trained their front of house staff about issues that may affect LGBT travellers. We want to help the hotels listed here to live up to the promise that their message to you – the LGBT traveller makes. So why not choose a hotel that has really invested in making sure that you get the service, respect, and welcome that you really deserve.


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