The joys of being out

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When you think of Germany, what first springs to mind? Hanging-out in über-cool Berlin? Dancing in a beer-tent at Munich’s Oktoberfest? Clubbing in Cologne’s LGBT ‘Bermuda Triangle’?

Or maybe – for the first time – experiencing Germany’s great outdoors?

Connecting with LGBT communities and enjoying ‘big city’ life has long featured in many travel plans. But now and then, let’s reframe our thinking – adding in the breathtaking nature to revel in being out, connecting with the romantic landscapes and opening up a whole new collection of travel experiences.

Whether you like walking, cycling or being at one with nature, Germany’s rivers, forests and natural landscapes add options that you may not have considered before. And the good news is, you can be there in a couple of hours by plane – or get in touch with your inner tree-hugger and travel leisurely by train.

Germany loves people being out

Connecting with nature is good for feeding mind, body and soul.

Some of the world’s unique scenery can be found in Germany; the country is home to more than 100 officially designated nature parks. There are tours and travel plans galore that you can discover on the official German National Tourist Office nature page. You can also build your own perfect travel plan there with reference to many different kinds of ‘Germany for…’ pages, including their dedicated LGBT site filled with useful ideas and information.

Here are three suggestions of the best German nature adventures to include into your next holiday:



1. The Rhineland

If you think it can take a while to find your ‘green feet’ — this is an easy option. Combine town with country by visiting Cologne or Bonn. Then – just a short train ride away – you’ll find yourself in the homeland of Romanticism and a truly stunning part of the world. You’ll experience rivers, lush meadowns and ancient volcanoes with a sprinkle of beautiful resorts and wine villages. Featuring several UNESCO World Heritage sites (including stunning baroque palaces) this truly beautiful part of Germany might be an eye-opener after all the stresses and strains of the city and you will thank yourself for having discovered it.

2. The Black Forest

This region has many unspoiled areas where nature has been allowed to thrive and do its own wild thing and you get to see all sorts of animals, flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Highlights to check out include: Allerheiligen Waterfalls and the Lothar Trail. Other ways to get your blood racing include the raft rides found on the River Murg. Within the area you can hike on plentiful trails and enjoy designated cycle routes. And let’s not forget, this area has not only Michelin star restaurants (Baiersbronn) but specialities such as the Black Forest Gateau, smoked trout and ham, wild mushrooms and Kirsch Schnapps. Enough said….

3. Berchtesgaden National Park

If mountain scenery is your thing, this place over-delivers. Literally some of the most beautiful mountains and scenic lakes on earth are waiting for you. More than 250 kilometres of walking trails will provide great opportunities to get in shape or — if you prefer to let someone else chauffeur you — jump onto the Jenner cable car and ride up to a breathtaking altitude of 1,800 metres for the hero-view over the spectacular scenery.

So, whatever is ‘next’ in your travel plans – why not consider the amazing natural beauty Germany has waiting for you.

Click here for the chance to enter to win! Cologne is ready to welcome you and a friend with this special LGBT visitor prize for one lucky winner. Entering takes less than a minute and is free. The German National Tourist Office is looking forward to welcoming you to Germany in 2017. 

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