Watch out! It’s almost 16th January, 2017


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So, who knew?

‘Blue Monday’ isn’t just our fave 1980s New Order track – it’s actually a real thing.

Researchers say the third Monday of January is what they call ‘Blue Monday’: (semi-)officially the most depressing day of 2017.

Christmas credit card bills arrive. Cold, wet weather. Persistent gloom. And in 2017? Ugh. Stop! Please. 16th January, 2017 – be gone!

We say fight back; refuse to yield!

Seize next year and make it your very own. Take 2017 — right in hand, right from the outset.


Escape! (of course) 🙂

Planning some 2017 travel simply does wonders to banish your January blues — and those lovely people at the German National Tourist Office have shared some cracking 2017 highlights with us.

We’ve picked out five of our faves – but feel free to ‘plug and play’ to program your very own German 2017 itinerary by clicking on the official LGBT page of the GNTO website.

Five Reasons why travelling to Germany in 2017 will banish Blue Monday

1. Christopher Street Days (Loads of them.)
Germany is a b-i-g place and home to more than 4 million LGBT people. That’s a lot of community to fill Germany’s very many LGBT Pride celebrations — called CSD or ‘Christopher Street Day’ (- if you don’t know why, google ‘Christopher St’ and all will be clear!) In places all-round the country you get to party and mix it with the friendly locals.

2. Carnival – Cologne
Did we mention how much we adore Cologne? Here’s yet another reason why. This place knows how to kick up its heels, its skirts and much more besides. During Cologne’s annual mayhem of Carnival (or as the locals call it: ‘Kölner Karneval’) people simply go nuts. For a week it’s nothing but music, parades, dancing, eating, dancing, music, drinking, a bit more parading, some more dancing, meeting locals, and then most likely -repeat this the next day – in whichever order that makes most sense to you. Women’s Day (Weiberfastnacht ) begins a week of mayhem from Thursday 23rd February 2017 with the climax street procession on Rose Monday (Rosenmontag) on 27th February 2017. Over a million locals will join you on the streets to banish all thoughts of ‘Blue Monday’. The LGBT community of course are right in there doing it – especially near the gay heartland of the famed Cologne ‘Bermuda Triangle’ neighborhood.

3. Culture
Germany is full of photo ops – the place is a Selfie paradise. So much architecture, galleries, shows and so much more to keep the most ravenous of culture vultures fully satiated. No matter what ‘culture’ means to you – from high to ‘low’ – Germany is a place you will definitely want to write home about. Choose clubbing until well past dawn in most metropolises. Catch world-leading arts festivals. Soak in some of the world’s finest art. Or maybe stroll through architecture that truly defines a Continent.

4. Nature
German landscapes are the foundation of its history and the nature that surrounds you in Germany is viewed as a precious part of the nation’s own story. Germany works to lead the world in renewable energies because it means enjoying more of something Germans have long treasured: their natural riches. Make nature part of your next German holiday. Check out some of these stunning natural delights to thrill your senses.

5. MORE LGBT events, Festivals and Parties than you can fit in just 1 year
With some of the world’s largest, out LGBT communities —that are almost always well-supported by the whole of their local community — Germany is filled with LGBT cultural activities through the whole year. We have added just a few into the calendar below to whet your appetite. Get online and get searching for more. We can almost guarantee: no matter what floats your boat, you should be spoiled for choice in Germany.

Looking for Bears? Leather? Women’s events? Food? Fetish? Easy. Get set for Germany in 2017.

Say goodbye Blue Monday and hello Germany.


Cologne Street Carnival
February 23rd to 28th

CSD – don’t forget there are many, many more to select from. Festivals usually run a week or more around these dates.
July 9th – Cologne
July 22nd – Berlin
July 15th – Frankfurt/Main
July 15th/16th – Munich

Folsom Berlin
September 6th – 10th

Munich Oktoberfest
September 16th – October 3rd

German Bear Pride 2017
November 22nd – 26th

Cologne Gay and Lesbian Christmas Market
November 21st – December 23rd

(Dates can sometimes change. Be sure to check online for latest information before you book.)

PS!! – Since you made it way down here, after you click to enter that lovely ‘Win a Trip to Cologne’ comp, then click here – to luxuriate in the new wave fabulousness of Blue Monday – thank you New Order.

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