Germany – How to choose?

In a year when Britain and Europe have seen so much going on, it is comforting to know one thing hasn’t changed — the immense attraction for LGBT people discovering or returning to Germany’s hottest travel destinations.


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For a decade or more, at least one German destination has usually featured in most LGBT people’s travel wish-list. But the problem can be, how to choose where to go next?

Worry not intrepid reader, for we are fearlessly leaping into that breach. Welcome to this easy-to-follow ‘User’s Manual’: helping you ponder which place deserves to be your top spot for travel to Germany next year.

There are heaps of other great places to consider as well, so don’t let us hold you back. Check out the German National Tourist Board’s official website [LINK to LGBT] — especially their cleverly designed LGBT content — to help you narrow down the many options at your fingertips.

Here are four of our all-time German favourites.


3088sm1. Munich – Famous for beer and Gemuetlichkeit (snug, warm coziness), start your adventures in the gay district near Sendlinger Tor station. You can find LGBT venues to suit almost every taste and when the sun comes up again, set out to explore the city’s great dining, shopping and art galleries. This city can trace its roots back to at least the 12th century but you probably know Munich for the annual Oktoberfest celebration of (copious amounts of) some of the world’s best beers. As the capital of Bavaria you will also thrill to discover the great local cuisine. Don’t miss the Weisswurst (white sausage) and the roast pork with dumplings. Apfelstrudel will leave your stomach as content as the rest of you following your visit to Munich.

t-ladies32. Frankfurt – A city that many people are now discovering and which wins new fans every year. Home to some of Europe’s big international institutions, this is a city with a large local gay community who really enjoy socializing and meeting LGBT visitors – especially the Brits. Try some of the local sausage – seriously: it’s renowned, and be sure to eat some of the equally famous Traditional Frankfurter Gruene Sosse (green sauce made with loads of fresh herbs), then wash it all down with lashings of Apfelwein (apple cider). People go home happy from this city. In the area nearby, consider some of the world-famous health spas if you’re looking to unwind and rejuvenate.

23223. Cologne – Seen by many in the gay scene as rivaling Berlin for nightlife options, you get the benefit of big city appeal with a compact, more ‘do-able’ layout than the German capital. Whether your tastes run to day or night itineraries, Cologne delivers. Check out this recent review of how much this great location has waiting for you.

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t-berlin4. Berlin — a legend among world cities, gay men and lesbians have been helping make Berlin what it is for many decades. Get in amongst it by joining the locals in some of the literally hundreds of LGBT cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, saunas, clubs and museums as that is one of the best ways to get to grips with all this modern major metropolis has to offer. With their very own ‘pink pillow’ Berlin Collection of welcoming-hotels, this place makes the effort to understand more ways to meet the travel interests of gay, lesbian, bi and trans visitors. You will always find even more to do in Berlin, no matter how many times you visit – it’s that kind of place.

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More information?
There is no better way to learn what’s essential about LGBT travel to Germany than by checking out the dedicated LGBT pages at

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