Meet Tom. Tom of Finland.

Gay men the world over have – for decades now – been struck by the intensity of the art of one Touko Valio Laaksonen. A name less well-known than this famous artist’s ‘working name’: Tom of Finland.

From the 1940s until the 1980s, Tom created groundbreaking, powerful same-sex male images.

TomFinlandHelsinkiNow, the most comprehensive Tom of Finland exhibition to date covers six decades of the extraordinary life of this man – one of Finland’s most famous sons.

Enjoy. (Really enjoy.)

Focusing on masculine beauty and sexual allure, Tom of Finland has set many a young man’s heart racing.

The current exhibition of Tom of Finland’s incredible artistic work highlights the many images that made him so well-known by so many gay men over so many years.
The painting on the right (Untitled, 1947) was produced almost 70 years ago.

This was a time when homosexuality was barely spoken of anywhere, yet this man – who would go on to become so very famous working as ‘Tom of Finland’ – was already starting to create art that included our lives.

t-tom-tattThe exhibition now on in Helsinki ‘The Pleasure of Play’ does not hold back on showing the many erotic and powerful images that comprise the Tom of Finland artistic collection and portrays his work on a wider scale than ever seen before.

You can find details of this exhibition here.

Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play
Now on, until August 7th, 2016
Kunsthalle Helsinki
Nervanderinkatu 3, Helsinki, Finland



One of Helsinki’s most beautiful locations to stay is the stunning Klaus K boutique hotel.

As an OutNowCertified welcoming hotel, you can rest assured of the warmest of welcomes at Klaus K.

Accommodation packages (including exhibition access with a 2 night stay) can be booked here.

More fun

Helsinki is one of those places you will be so pleased to have discovered.

Northern Europe in Summer is just unforgettable. The beauty of the landscapes that surround you in Helsinki are matched by the warmth of the welcome that awaits you. You will find in Helsinki a city of beauty in architecture, dining and design – with so many intriguing and unexpected experiences.

A place that is small enough to enjoy and big enough to offer you a full and welcoming vacation experience. In 2016 you can especially enjoy so much, starting with the welcoming local LGBT communities and venues as well as the special Tom of Finland art retrospective.

Find out more on the official Visit Helsinki website – and start planning your next great ‘My Helsinki’ adventure today.


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