2016. New Year. New German Cool.

LGBT Germany 2016 - New German Cool.

There can’t be many people out there who have not heard how Germany is one of the hot tickets for 2016.

For the LGBT community, this is especially true so right now is an ideal time to take a look at just some of the über-cool special events, attractions and festivals that Germany has in store for 2016. Whether your travel plans look for loads of relaxation or next-level excitement, Germany’s got it covered.

The German National Tourist Office’s special LGBT pages at www.germany.travel/lgbt are packed with useful information and ideas to make your visit to Germany easy to organize. So start planning now.

Here are some of the great things happening in 2016 and tips on how to tap into some German Cool for your new year travel plans.

DZT_Banner_300x300_Gay2013_EN[1]Try these for size:

Carnival in Cologne – 4 to 10 February. Dress up and go more than a little crazy to celebrate the impending arrival of longer days and the end of winter. There is a special Women’s Day (better not wear a neck-tie, they are traditionally cut off from anybody brave enough to sport one) and the Rose Monday processions through the city with tons of sweets being thrown into the swaying and singing crowds lining the streets.

Bach Festival Leipzig – 10 to 19 June. Classical music lovers make pilgrimage to this popular festival in the place where Bach’s music is so revered, where he worked and lived for 27 years and eventually died in 1750. Follow the work of the great master at the many concerts and outdoor events through the city.

Folsom Europe – The legendary Berlin edition of the leather and fetish community’s premier event happens on 10 September.

Lollapalooza – 10 to 11 September. If you prefer something harder – in terms of rock music that is – try this happy event in Europe showcasing EDM, metal, punk, hip hop and alternative culture held in Berlin’s historic former Tempelhof Airport right in the centre of town. Cool meets art – and you will most likely leave very happy with yourself.

Oktoberfest – 17 September – October 3. Munich becomes the world’s stage for a glorious time of eating, drinking and all-round celebrating being alive. Something you will never forget.

International Queer Film Festival – 18 to 23 October. The 27th edition of Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage in Hamburg brings the best of the best in LGBT film to the big screen for a powerful week of cinematic glory. Mingle with many of the movers and shakers involved in LGBT film from across the world in Hamburg.

Prides – Germany has a wealth of Pride events which you will often see referenced as CSD – Christopher Street Day in honour of the place where the Stonewall riots in NYC happened in 1969. Here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Cologne CSD – 1 to 3 July

Berlin Christopher Street Day – 23 July

Hamburg Pride – 30 July to 7 August

More reasons? Easy. Get online and take a look at the many great things happening all through the year in Germany.

Next year Germany is the hottest place to redefine cool.

You will not be disappointed.

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