Germany’s new LGBT resource

Blog by Darren Cooper

Blog by Darren Cooper

It’s time to get excited! ‘Why?’ we hear you ask.

Well, those lovely people at the German National Tourist Office have just re-launched a brand new website just for us – yes dear LGBT reader, that means you – so that we can learn more about Germany and everything that it has to offer next time we visit.

The country that gave us Adidas, Einstein and World Cup winning super-stud, Mario Gotze (move over Beckham) has now published the perfect resource to plan your next trip to Germany, and it’s all tailored exclusively with LGBT visitors in mind.

That doesn’t mean that this new website is all about pride events, parties and bars though. Of course there is some really useful information on the LGBT scene in Germany’s five largest cities — Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne, as well as details of the major LGBT festivals and events that take place across the country. But there is also information on Germany’s buzzing art landscape, cutting-edge architecture, latest design trends as well as what’s happening right now on the German fashion scene too.

This is of course great news when planning a trip to a country that not only has one of the busiest LGBT calendars on the planet, but is also a leading light behind Europe’s contemporary art, design and architectural movements. Much like many a self-respecting homosexual male, I’m all for knowing where I can head to mingle with, and gawk at the local beefcake — especially if it’s of the particularly handsome German Rumtopf variety. Once I’ve had my cake though, and hopefully eaten it, I also want to know where I can head so I can be equally blown away by some first-class German concept architecture.

Many of Germany’s statement buildings also have the added benefit of housing some of the country’s best cultural attractions too — such as Munich’s gleaming mini opera pavilion, and Wolfsburg’s space age interactive Phaeno Science Centre. Germany’s new LGBT dedicated site also gives you the low-down on the art scene right across the country. If you didn’t already know about the the Bucerius Art Forum in Hamburg, or Berlin’s ever-changing street art movement, this is the place to brush up on all the latest information, to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make the very most of a visit to Germany.

There are also details of hotels in each of the main cities that are most convenient for LGBT travellers, as well as details of airlines flying direct, plus car hire options – if you want to escape the big city lights and enjoy some of Germany’s sublime countryside and culture.

Find out what’s out there for you right now in Germany – and discover all the uber cool things that you could soon be experiencing for yourself:

Visit the website: LGBT Germany

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