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Blog by Darren Cooper

Blog by Darren Cooper

For many people the idea of eloping to a foreign country to get married is their idea of getting the perfect wedding. There are several benefits to tying the knot abroad. Firstly one gets to have a ceremony in an exotic location, plus there’s the added benefit of having a small wedding, and so not having to worry about who to invite, or not, to your big day.

For same sex couples there is though the added complication of having to find a country where marriage equality is possible before you can buy the outfits and book the flights – and obviously it’s not quite as simple as just turning up with your betrothed in tow and expecting to get hitched.

Not being able to get married in some of the more ‘traditional’ marriage hotspots does have some advantages however. The choice of wedding location is narrowed somewhat, and who in their right mind would want to celebrate their own love where that same love is criminalised for other LGBT people?

Thankfully though there are some really beautiful and exciting destinations where same sex couples can get married – and also get a little help in making sure that even though the celebrations won’t be huge, they will be still be perfect in every way.

LGBT matrimonios

Zocalo Square, Mexico City by night. Copyright 2014 Out Now.

One such destination where gay and lesbian couples can get married is Mexico City, or as I should more accurately say the Federal District of Mexico (Mexico DF). This city-state is one of 31 federal states that makes up Mexico, and includes within its borders the capital of the country, Mexico City.

Marriage equality became law in Mexico DF in 2010, and same-sex marriages performed in the country are recognised in all of the country’s 31 states, as well as internationally in most places where marriage equality is also now legally recognised.

Mexico City has fast been gaining a solid reputation as one of the most gay-welcoming and exciting cities in Latin America of late.

Undoubtedly Mexico’s most international city, there’s a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe that appeals to international visitors from all over the world. As well as excellent hotels and a thriving restaurant scene, Mexico City is also home to a large and visible gay community.

It’s nice to know that there is a well organised, supported and booming LGBT scene in the place where you choose to make it all official with your same-sex significant other.

Not only that, there are also plenty of exciting places in Mexico to head to for a honeymoon – once you have discovered all that Mexico City has to offer first, of course.

The good news is that not only can gay couples also get married in Mexico City, they can also get some expert help in making it happen too.

Established in 2011, Matrimonis LGBT have already helped out nearly 200 hundred couples get married in Mexico City.

Having some local expertise on hand is of course great news, not least to take care of all of the formalities in Spanish.

KeepCalmMarryMeThe reality is that it’s actually really easy for people of any country to get married in Mexico City, no special permits or minimum stays in the country are required as with some other destinations.

It’s so easy in fact, that Matrimonios LGBT have helped out people from 24 different countries, including spouses from Spain, England, France, Greece, Lebanon and Holland to get married in Mexico City.

So if you have always fancied getting married abroad, Mexico DF is absolutely an option that can work for people, no matter what their nationality. There is even expert local knowledge on hand to facilitate all the administrative processes so that everything is all set and you can relax and get ready to go down to Mexico City with a wedding appointment confirmed and concentrate on enjoying a special and unforgettable day.

For more information visit the Matrimonios LGBT website.

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