10 terrifying airports you really don’t want to land at

Some of these are down-right terrifying!


Don’t you love that feeling of arriving at an airport, heading straight to the Duty Free and then moseying on over to the bar for a glass of well-deserved pre-holiday bubbly?

Well after you’ve taken a look at these horrifying runways, you’ll probably never want to fly away on an exotic adventure again without first checking out the airport on Google Images.

It’s a wonder how some of these hideous runways are even legal. Prepare to have your insides petrified by these scary airports…

1. Sea Ice Runway, Antarctica

The thing that’s so casual about this runway is that it’s entirely made of ice, which means that too much pressure – such as perhaps the weight of an airplane – could cause it to crack. Not just that, but surely it must be icy and slippery? Pilots are advised to try not to sink more than 10 inches into the ice. Must be a fun game…

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